Get Under The Dome!

Leverage A Creative Partnership

For Complete Cybersecurity

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  • cleverDome delivers a minimum cybersecurity workstation (Endpoint) standard - an industry standard WISP that firms must adopt in order to participate in the Dome.
  • Manages the Dome
  • Performs due diligence on cleverDome members it lets under the Dome and distributes the findings to its members.
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Cybersecurity policy enforcement system

  • FCI automatically secures the workstation to the cleverDome standard without end user interaction.
  • Delivers and monitors the Dome.
  • Disables the Dome if a workstation is compromised.
  • Puts it back in the Dome after FCI’s team remediates.

3 Seamless Steps

To Get Under The Dome

1. Adopt The Standard

Revise and adopt the cleverDome Standard

2. Protect Your Endpoints

Let FCI implement, enforce, and monitor the technical controls

3. Enjoy The Dome!

Be safe, secure and off the open Internet!

In Details...


Fill the registration online form, agree on the cleverDome standard license, select your FCI Cyber Tools & Services


FCI suite of cyber tools are one-click installed on your laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets with any OSs


Devices and cyber tools settings are automatically configured according to the cleverDome standard


When endpoints are in good order, they are automatically certified and registered with cleverDome


From our Security Operation Center (SOC), cyber tools are monitored and incidents are automatically remediated